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About Delivery

Within our service area, White Glove Delivery is available for purchase with your new furniture and/or bedding items from Royal Furniture. Deliveries are completed by Royal’s own full-time delivery staff, within a 100-mile radius of our store locations for a flat fee of $119.99.

After your purchase, a delivery date is scheduled based on merchandise availability and appointment times in your area.

Please note that purchases on a Royal Credit account may require up to 5 business days for processing before delivery can be scheduled. Appointment requests, even those notated on a purchase ticket, are not guaranteed until the credit application is fully processed; this includes contacting references and confirming proof of income. If you are unsure whether your application is processed and ready for delivery, please contact your sales associate to inquire.

Schedule Delivery

Ready to schedule? Simply call our dedicated dispatch team!

Scheduling: 901-346-1446
Office Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Once you schedule an appointment date with our dispatch team, the date is verified however the time frame will not be set until the day before your delivery. The day before delivery, you will receive an automated phone call; follow the prompts to confirm your appointment day. Please note that someone 18 years or older must be home and approved to accept delivery. Royal Furniture deliveries are made Tuesday through Saturday, after 10:30 a.m.

Track Delivery

Beginning 24 hours prior to your delivery, you will be able to track your appointment below by entering the 10-digit phone number used for the purchase.

Your scheduled stop number, delivery address, and items listed on your order will be available to view. If you spot any mistakes in this order information, please notify our dispatch team as soon as possible.

Dispatch Team: 901-346-1446
Office Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please note, there are times that routes may change due to unforeseen events so we encourage you to use this tracking tool periodically to stay updated on the day of your appointment. Our drivers will call ahead (the number listed on the order) an estimated 15-30 minutes before their arrival. To ensure the safety of our drivers, Royal Furniture will determine if they will make deliveries during hazardous weather conditions.

Preparing For Delivery

  • Please ensure that someone 18 years or older is home to accept delivery.
  • Clear the room(s) where your new furniture will be placed and remove obstacles that might hinder the delivery crew. Our delivery crew is not permitted to move or remove existing furniture.
  • Move fragile items to a safe location, away from the path the crew will need take when moving your new furniture.
  • Measure doorways, hallways and corners to ensure that your new furniture has a capable path into the room of your choice. If your delivery requires removal of a door, trim or window, please make necessary arrangements in advance. Mismeasurements could result in the inability to complete delivery or requirement of a Delivery Waiver*.

What you can Expect

Our delivery team will transport your new furniture from the truck into your home, to the precise room you have prepared. There, they will expertly install your new furniture and remove trash and packaging materials.

The delivery fee includes hook-up for appliances to an existing gas or water line and installation of air conditioners by our evening technicians. Our delivery teams do not install any electronics such as televisions. Once delivery and installation are complete, you will be asked to sign a delivery slip stating that you received all purchased items in good condition, and confirming that the delivery is complete to your satisfaction.

Should any issues arise related to delivery, please see Delivery Policies below for customer care instructions.

Shortly after your delivery is completed, you may receive a Text Message Survey asking for your feedback on the experience you’ve had with Royal’s sales and delivery team. We sincerely appreciate you taking a minute to tell us how we’re doing! If the phone number on your account does not accept text messaging and therefore you did not receive this survey, we invite you to share your feedback by following this link: Take the Survey

Customer Care

Delivery Scheduling and Dispatch

Schedule: 901-346-1446
Office Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Delivery Policies

Cancelled or Missed Delivery Appointments:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, Royal Furniture requests 24 hours’ notice in order to properly pack and re-route our trucks. On the day of delivery, our drivers typically call ahead (to the number listed on the order) an estimated 15-30 minutes before their arrival, and are permitted to wait for up to 15 minutes at the customer residence if the customer cannot be reached. If the delivery team is still unable to reach the customer or gain access to the property with someone present 18 years or older, the delivery is considered a Not-At-Home and will be flagged for reschedule on the next available delivery date. Please note, the next available date may not be the next consecutive day, and may be further delayed by seasonal influxes or holidays. Our delivery team will attempt two confirmed delivery appointments to a customer location, if both attempts are unsuccessful due to customer Not-At-Home then the delivery fee is forfeited by the customer and the merchandise will be made available for customer pick-up at our Memphis warehouse, or at the regional will-call location nearest the customer. (Please see will-call policies and call ahead one hour prior to pick up.) If the customer wishes to attempt a third delivery appointment, Royal will charge either a 20% handling fee, or a new delivery fee (whichever is lesser and therefore in the customer’s favor) and the regular scheduling procedure will ensue, as outlined above.

Delivery Waiver:

If Royal’s delivery team attempts delivery and discovers that any purchased item does not fit into the space requested by the customer, or does not fit through doors, windows or passage ways necessary to move the furniture into the space requested, a delivery waiver will be required if the customer wishes for the delivery to be completed against our team’s recommendation. The waiver states that Royal Furniture is completing the delivery at the customer’s explicit instruction and clears Royal Furniture Company and crew from liability for any damages caused. This includes any perceived damages to home, furniture or other belongings. Royal Furniture is not liable for the inability to deliver furniture due to size or space restrictions in, or leading into the customer’s home. Should the delivery be aborted or refused due to space concerns, the customer can exchange or return the furniture for refund but may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Delivery fees are nonrefundable.


Merchandise is thoroughly inspected by our warehouse prior to delivery and is released to delivery teams in good condition. Royal Furniture requires that someone 18 years or older is home at the time of delivery, and is authorized to sign for the receipt and good condition of the items purchased. Customers reserve the right to refuse delivery of any item due to damages caused in transit. Damaged furniture refused at time of delivery will not be subjected to a restocking fee, nor additional delivery charge for replacement. Customers also may opt to accept delivery of the damaged furniture until an even exchange can be made by our delivery team. However, damages of any nature should be clearly recorded on the delivery ticket before the crew leaves the premises so that photos can be documented for claim records. Photos and other documentation made by our crew does not imply nor admit fault, but is strictly for review by our claims department. In the rare event that damages are realized after the delivery team’s departure, the damage must be reported to Royal Furniture Customer Care 901-346-1446 or within 3 business days. Royal Furniture is not responsible for any damages reported outside of this time frame and such instances will not be considered for any type of compensation including repair, replacement, refund, discount, reimbursement or settlement.

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